Quantum user interfaces

Quantum computing gets real!
At Quantum Flytrap we develop intuitive user interfaces for quantum computing to make it an accessible & business-available technology. We aim to build the standard for interaction with quantum systems.

I tried it and it’s excellent, and best of all clear: unlike virtually every other “quantum game” I’ve tried, it took me only a minute to figure this one out.

Scott AaronsonUniversity of Texas at AustinShtetl-Optimized Blog

I”ve been playing around with the new “Quantum Game with Photons”. So far it feels like all the fun parts of doing undergraduate physics experiments, while also being a really nice puzzle game!

James WoottonIBM ResearchTweet by @decodoku

Even when it becomes possible to teach my class in person again, your website could help me scale to a larger class size than is possible when I require equipment for hands-on demonstrations.

Monika Schleier-SmithStanford University

Virtual Lab is being developed by Piotr Migdał, Klem Jankiewicz, Paweł Grabarz, among other contributors. Advisory board: Artur Ekert.

The project was previously funded by the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore and the Unitary Fund.

Contact us at contact@quantumflytrap.com.

CNOT gate

Use interactive visualizations in your slides and educational materials! ⟨𝜑|𝜓⟩.vue visualizer for quantum states and matrices, which can be used for quantum computing, quantum chemistry or any other discrete quantum system. In-browser numerics is supported by our open-source engine, Quantum Tensors.

More in the materials for lecturers, educators, and researchers.

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