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Quantum computing gets real!
At Quantum Flytrap we develop intuitive user interfaces for quantum computing to make it an accessible & business-available technology. We aim to build the standard for interaction with quantum systems.

I tried it and it’s excellent, and best of all clear: unlike virtually every other “quantum game” I’ve tried, it took me only a minute to figure this one out.

Scott AaronsonUniversity of Texas at AustinShtetl-Optimized Blog

Even when it becomes possible to teach my class in person again, your website could help me scale to a larger class size than is possible when I require equipment for hands-on demonstrations.

Monika Schleier-SmithStanford University

I”ve been playing around with the new “Quantum Game with Photons”. So far it feels like all the fun parts of doing undergraduate physics experiments, while also being a really nice puzzle game!

James WoottonIBM ResearchTweet by @decodoku

With the Quantum Lab (previously known as Quantum Game with Photons), you can:

  • Drag & drop elements to create a quantum experiment.
  • Experience a real-time in-browser simulation.
  • Interact with up to 3 entangled photons.
  • Perform advanced quantum measurements (POVMs).
  • See how the entanglement evolves with a visualization.
  • Explore the multiverse tree of all possible outcomes.
  • Check the exact quantum state with a ket visualizer.
  • Use either physical elements or abstract qubit gates.

It is possible to create quantum computing algorithms (Deutsch-Jozsa), quantum cryptography protocols (BB84 and Ekert), advanced quantum measurements (nonorthogonal state discrimination), historical interferometers (Mach-Zehnder and Michaelson-Morley), classical optics (three polarizers and an optical diode), and much more (here are some user-created ones)!

Quantum Lab is being developed by Piotr Migdał, Klem Jankiewicz, Paweł Grabarz, among other contributors. Generative soundtrack by Pawel Janicki. Advisory board: Artur Ekert.

Contact us at contact@quantumflytrap.com.

Cited in numerous academic publications, the Top Pick for Education in Gamifying Quantum Theory, mentioned in VICE and Boing Boing. Awarded at the Digital Cultures 2020 Festival.

CNOT gate

Use interactive visualizations in your slides and educational materials! ⟨𝜑|𝜓⟩.vue visualizer for quantum states and matrices, which can be used for quantum computing, quantum chemistry or any other discrete quantum system. In-browser numerics is supported by our open-source engine, Quantum Tensors.

More in the materials for lecturers, educators, and researchers.

Quantum Lab is a project by Quantum Flytrap - a limited company registered in Poland. Previously, the project got support from the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore and the Unitary Fund. Now, we are on the business path.

We provide an investment opportunity. Join the quantum computing revolution before others do!

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