Virtual Lab

Virtual Lab by Quantum Flytrap is a no-code online laboratory with a real-time simulation of an optical table, supporting up to three entangled particles. A drag-and-drop graphical interface gives an easy way to create advanced quantum experiments.

Virtual Lab is a tech demo of our proprietary quantum simulation numeric engine: installation-free, supporting a billion dimensions, performing computations in less than 100µs.

More details in our recent preprint, P. Migdał, K. Jankiewicz, P. Grabarz, et al. "Visualizing quantum mechanics in an interactive simulation - Virtual Lab by Quantum Flytrap", arXiv:2203.13300.

Virtual Lab makes it possible to explore the nature of quantum physics (state evolution, entanglement, and measurement), to simulate quantum computing (e.g. the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm), to use quantum cryptography (e.g. the Ekert protocol), to explore counterintuitive quantum phenomena (e.g. quantum teleportation & the Bell inequality violation), and to recreate historical experiments (e.g. the Mach-Zehnder interferometer).