Quantum Lab for scientists

Quantum Lab is a virtual optical table. With a drag and drop interface, you can show phenomena, recreate existing experiments, and prototype new.

Within this environment it is possible to recreate interference, quantum cryptography protocols, to show entanglement, Bell test, quantum teleportation, and the many-worlds interpretation.

mach zehnder

Interactive: https://lab.quantumflytrap.com/lab/mach-zehnder

Why we made it?

The idea was born out of need - while teaching quantum mechanics Piotr saw that numerics overshadowed key conceptual aspects, and created an interactive way to create quantum setups, which left computing to computers. Only later, he created a game out of it - to reach a wider audience, and provide concrete motivation for solving quantum puzzles. Now it is a Lab again, back to its roots, with UX lessons from the unforgiving world of games.

It is an ongoing process. If you want to include your experiment, or are interested about additional functionality - I would love to talk: piotr@quantumflytrap.com.

Key features

  • Create arbitrary setup in a virtual optical lab
  • Display of quantum state (so you can lookup what happens, step by step)
  • Dynamic change of basis
  • Up to 3 entangled photons
  • Measurement tree to show all possible outcomes at the same time
  • Display of quantum operators, with their tensor structure

measurement tree

Interactive: https://lab.quantumflytrap.com/lab/feed-us-everett

For your classes

If you teach classical optics (polarization, optical activity, interference), quantum physics (superposition, entanglement), quantum information & cryptography (Bell inequality, BB84, Ekert protocol). From a simple level of a beamsplitter, to more advanced e.g. unambiguous discrimination of non-orthogonal states.

We prepared a few classical setups, but you are free to modify them, or make your own from the scratch.

BB84 quantum key distribution protocol

Interactive: https://lab.quantumflytrap.com/lab/bb84

Photon entangled Bell pair measurement

Interactive: https://lab.quantumflytrap.com/lab/conditional-state

Ekert quantum key distribution protocol

Interactive: https://lab.quantumflytrap.com/lab/ekert-bell

For your materials and slides

Our tools can be used in any quantum context, also outside of our Quantum Lab environment. For example: quantum chemistry, abstract quantum computing, energy levels, or even other modes of light (e.g. spatial degrees of freedom such as orbital angular momentum).


bra-ket-vue / ⟨𝜑|𝜓⟩.vue for interactive operators and kets. It works for any discrete states, also defined by you. Supported by the Unitary Fund. Examples:

Toffoli gate

Ket state list

Quantum Tensors

Quantum Tensors for quantum numerics (quantum computing, optics) inside interactive visualizations. It uses TypeScript (a dialect of JavaScript with types) so that can be used in any modern browser, without installation. It is supported by Centre of Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore.

For example, see quantum computing example.

Cited in

Quantum Lab and its direct predecessor Quantum Game with Photons, were cited in papers by multiple research groups:

More as a Google Scholar search.


We would be delighted to collaborate! We would like to help:

  • Animations and interactive visualization showcasing your research.
  • Creating tools for you for prototyping your experimental setups.
  • Collaborating on research on visualizing quantum mechanics (education, the geometry of quantum state).
  • Mentoring and support with writing interactive blog posts.

Interested? Mail us at piotr@quantumflytrap.com!